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The Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market

Updated: May 9

What’s the current state of the controlled-release drug delivery market?

The global controlled-release drug delivery market was worth almost USD 51 billion in 2022, and it’s expected to hit as high as USD 127 billion by the end of the next decade.

Chart of the controlled release drug delivery market size from 2023-2032

As controlled-release drugs improve, so too does the number of doctors and healthcare providers prescribing them to their patients. Some of the advantages of controlled-release drugs include better patient compliance, lower treatment costs, and better therapeutic efficacy.

A controlled-release drug releases specific amounts of drugs into the body at predetermined times instead of receiving the maximum dosage immediately. They are designed to be broken down by the body at set time intervals and release limited amounts of the drug over an extended period of time.

What’s Driving the Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market?

The worldwide population is expanding, which means that we’re seeing more elderly and pediatric patients. Because of the high rate of non-adherence to prescription medication in this age group, controlled-release drugs are a more effective treatment option.

Impaired mental, biological, and physical processes of this age group impact how people successfully take their medication. In addition, many people in this age group simply can’t handle high doses of medication, which makes controlled-release drugs more attractive.

The Impact of Covid-19

Doctor examining patient, both wearing face masks

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for controlled-released drug solutions only increased as doctors and healthcare providers searched for drug solutions that would better suit their patients and limit the need for face-to-face and return visits.

An article published in the National Library of Medicine in 2021, Role of Novel Drug Delivery Systems in Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19): Time to Act Now also fuelled the increased demand for better controlled-released drug solutions.

Technology Advancements for Controlled-Released Drug Solutions

By securing the new patent, Laxxon Medical significantly strengthened its intellectual property position within the pharmaceutical market.

Helmut Kerschbaumer, CEO of Laxxon Medical
“Multi-drug medications and 3D printing are fierce emerging players in the pharmaceutical industry. These new technologies are pushing the boundaries of medicine and defining the next generation of healthcare,” said Helmut Kerschbaumer, Chief Executive Officer of Laxxon Medical.

Laxxon Medical’s new drug delivery system is a 3D screen-printed oral, intra, or transdermal dosage. Thanks to the exact arrangement of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) within the system, custom administration and release profiles can be used to deliver a better therapeutic treatment to the patient.

Another sector that is very interested in controlled-released technology and advancements is the protein, vitamin, and antioxidant market. For example, Vitamin A has both poor water and chemical stability. However, when it’s microencapsulated, the shelf life of the product can be increased, which allows for better-controlled drug release.

Laxxon's patented SPID®-Technology

Thanks to their innovative, patented SPID®-Technology (Screen Printing Innovational Drug Technology), Laxxon Medical is disrupting the current pharmaceutical drug delivery and manufacturing landscape in a sector that is set for unprecedented growth over the next decade because of increased demand for controlled-release drugs.

Laxxon Medical’s new drug delivery system fully optimizes pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, which yields optimal clinical results and fewer side effects, all while requiring less API than conventional DDS methods. 

In addition, Laxxon Medical’s drug delivery system is not limited to a particular API, which allows for mass application among pharmaceutical drug therapies.

Laxxon Medical is committed to engineering patented 3D pharmaceutical solutions that will optimize the effectiveness of medications and ultimately benefit the patients they’re intended for.​

Laxxon Medical Logo

Laxxon Medical is dedicated to engineering patented 3D pharmaceutical solutions that optimize products and benefit patients. Our goal is to establish SPID®-Technology as a manufacturing process with the individual and the pharmaceutical partner in mind.

To keep up to date with SPID®-Technology and Laxxon Medical news and announcements, follow us on LinkedIn.


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