3D Pharmaceutical Solutions for Partners and Patients

Advanced Patented Generics, Patent Extension & New Drug Development


Laxxon Medical is dedicated to engineering patented 3D pharmaceutical solutions which optimize products and benefit patients.

The basis of Laxxon’s pharmaceutical solutions is our cutting-edge 3D screen printing technology and the extensive intellectual property surrounding it. 

Laxxon strives to accelerate pharmaceutical progress globally by establishing ourselves as the leader in the field of 3D printed drugs. 

Image by Hal Gatewood

$190B Problem

In the next 10 years, 

150+ drugs will come off patent protection. These drugs are worth $190 Billion in sales.

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SPID® (Screen Printed Innovative Drug) Technology is Laxxon’s additive 3D screen-printing and manufacturing process. With our patented technology, we can produce a generation of smart drug delivery systems (DDSs) with tailored pharmacokinetics based on advanced geometric internal structures, heterogenous distribution of active ingredients and choice of materials. 

Laxxon has both an external pipeline as well as an in-house Advanced Patented Generic pipeline. All products created with our SPID®-Technology manufacturing approach ­– whether engineered in-house or with an external partner – are patent protected. 


Our Solution

Laxxon offers three disruptive avenues for strategic opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry: Advanced Patented Generics, Patent Extension through Technology Transfer, and New Drug Development.


“Patent Extension” through Technology Transfer


Advanced Patented Generics


New Drug Development


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