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CSO Achim Schneeberger Discusses the Development of Laxxon's Levodopa Project

Updated: May 21


Full Transcript: The biggest project is really the Levodopa project, and that's something where our technology helps us improve the quality of life for patients. So what we are doing is we delay the release of the drug, in this case, Levodopa, by about six hours, which is going to help the patient with drug intake because all these later-stage Parkinson's patients need to take this drug four to six, even up to eight times a day in a fasted condition. So this is actually adding a high level of complexity to the life of these patients. And think about you want to sleep, and you'd have to take every four hours a given pill. That is actually really impossible.

With our tablet here, a delay of the Levodopa for about six hours would help get them overnight with a night of good sleep. Because if we don't do so if they don't take the tablet, they still can't move at the time they want to get out of bed. So this is really adding a lot of quality to the life of late-stage or middle-stage Parkinson's patients. In terms of technology, for us, it's easy because what you want to do is we have to formulate the Levodopa in a way that it's releasing at a certain time point. And this is achieved by a combination of having an outer surface that is retarding the release of the material and then an inner structure that has kind of an extended-release profile. So that's the way how we address this. And this will be basically the first tablet to achieve such a release profile and help patients to defend or defeat their disease.


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