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CEO Helmut Kerschbaumer discusses Laxxon's Partnership with Hovione

Updated: May 21


Full Transcript:

The partnership now between Laxxon and Hovione is, I would say, a significant milestone for Laxxon.

You have to keep in mind GMP manufacturing is the baseline of all pharmaceutical companies. When we started the company, it was the biggest concern of the industry that we are not able to achieve the GMP certification. Having that said, now, we can document a partnership with Hovione, which belongs definitely, I would say, among the best contract manufacturers globally.

With this partnership, Laxxon has a kind of really beneficial certificate to join the pharmaceutical market, which means we are now ready to go to generate and prepare developments and deals with our partners.

Yeah, this strategic significance is, as mentioned before in my brief statement, the opportunity now discussing with all potential partners to develop our 3d products. It's the baseline, and it's now really kind of a kickoff momentum for Laxxon to join the market.

Already, I got phenomenal feedback from industry partners and from people we are in discussion with. So even within the first 48 hours after the press release shows the significance of the deal.

Obviously, there's a very clear structure within development programs. The final goal you have the clinical sample prepared together with documentation for registration. And before then, you're developing with the team the individual steps of the drug of the product and ending up at the final stage, let's say, the manufacturer or the printing of the drug within Hovione's GMP facility.

Additionally, the importance of the GMP facilities is their requirements of quality management, quality stuff, and quality control, so all people are required to do formal activities, which Hovione has in place. And as mentioned before, this allows us the opportunity now to kick off with in-house product development, but of course, also for development for our partners.


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