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SPID® (Screen Printed Innovative Drug) Technology is Laxxon’s additive 3D screen printing and manufacturing process. With our patented technology, we can produce a generation of smart drug delivery systems (DDSs) with tailored pharmacokinetics based on advanced geometric internal structures, heterogeneous distribution of active ingredients, and choice of materials.

Laxxon has both an external pipeline as well as an in-house Advanced Patented Generic pipeline. All products created with our SPID®-Technology manufacturing approach ­– whether engineered in-house or with an external partner – are patent protected.

SPID®-Technology 3d screen printing


Laxxon Medical owns the exclusive worldwide rights for the development, production and commercialization of innovative drug delivery systems on the basis of a worldwide patented large-scale 3D screen printing technology (SPID®-Technology).

Increased product volume

Laxxon’s 3D screen printing enables the mass-production of tablets, film, implants, and transdermal patches with novel drug formulations and galenic, through novel geometric structures for multiple API combinations.

Faster, more customized printing

The printing speed is significantly faster than any other 3D printing process. Each layer of the pill may have different dissolving speeds and layers can be as fine as 10 microns.

Clinical trials to production

Our technology can handle small batch sizes for pre-clinical/ clinical trials as well as mass production.

Our Innovative Process & Products

Laxxon’s 3D screen printing technology offers a unique combination of benefits ranging from cost advantages and size-independent production streams (same process for clinical samples or mass production) to the improvement of bioavailability and enhancement of solubility.

Diagram depicting the different advantages of SPID Technology

SPID® Improvements to Drug Delivery



Improves pharmacokinetics of active pharmaceutical ingredients, improving bioavailability and efficacy



Enhances the ability of active pharmaceutical ingredients to dissolve


Side Effects

Reduction of adverse side effects


Patient Adherence

Improvements to patient compliance increase success with therapies


Mass Production

Up to 1.5MM units per day of tablets, film, implants, transdermal patches with novel drug formulations, galenic and novel geometric structures


Cold Process

The cold process reduces the risk of heat-related damages to ingredients and increases the range of applicable APIs and freedom of materials


Range of APIs

Enables a wide range of APIs, including multiple API combinations in a single DDS


Printing Speed

Printing speed is significantly faster than any other 3D printing process


Single Dosage

Reduction of multiple daily doses to a single dose

The Possibilities of Our Technology

qr codes 3d screen printing Laxxon

One area that can particularly benefit from 3D screen printing is patient safety. The process enables the direct integration of QR codes into the surface of each individual tablet. QR codes can store relatively large amounts of information. They can be easily read anywhere using appropriate mobile digital devices.

Tablet QR Codes

Information integrated into the tablets can fulfill various functions:


Providing product and safety information​


Combating counterfeit medications​​​

qr code tablets Laxxon


New ways of patient monitoring​​


Automated medication dispensing

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