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The Company

Laxxon Medical is a pharma-technology company pioneering cutting-edge 3D screen printing development and manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Laxxon was founded in 2017 by a team of medical and business professionals with 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Our highly skilled team provides comprehensive pharmaceutical services to pharmaceutical partners including R&D, IP, and regulatory services. Laxxon is headquartered in New York City with research and development facilities in Jena, Germany. Together with our partner Evonik, we are developing different additives to optimize the release profile of APIs. We are also in the process of establishing state-of-the-art cGMP 3D screen printing production at Hovione sites in Portugal and New Jersey. 

The Technology

Laxxon’s SPID®-Technology (Screen Printing Innovational Drug Technology) is a cutting-edge patented 3D screen printing technology which facilitates different pharmaceutical forms of application such as  oral, transdermal, and implantable dosage forms through geometric shaping and heterogeneous distribution of active ingredients. SPID®-Technology is capable of printing small batches for R&D, up to commercial-scale production (up to 1.5MM units per day) without the need to change the manufacturing process.

The Mission

Laxxon is dedicated to revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry through better, faster and cost-effective solutions which mutually benefit the patient and the industry.

Laxxon's state of the art pharmacutical manufacturing facility
Pharmacist examines Laxxon's patented SPID technology

The Solutions

Laxxon’s business model is based upon a three-solution framework:

Laxxon owns the exclusive worldwide rights for the development, production and commercialization of innovative drug delivery systems on the basis of a worldwide patented large-scale 3D screen printing technology (SPID®-Technology).

Helmut Kerschbaumer Laxxon Medical

Helmut Kerschbaumer

Chief Executive Officer

Klaus Kuhne Laxxon Medical



Chief Operations Officer

Alex Ruckdaeschel Laxxon Medical



Chief Strategy Officer

Achim Schneeberger Laxxon Medical


Schneeberger Ph.D

Chief Science Officer

Marjorie Bailey Laxxon Medical



Chief Financial Officer

Edward Kay Laxxon Medical



Board Member

Victoria Boyle-Hebron Laxxon Medical



Board Member

Board of Directors

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Laxxon Medical

Ulrich S. Schubert

Prof. Dr.

Ulrich Granzer


Dr. Van Scoik


Scientific Advisory Board

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