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Laxxon Medical to Participate in the World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2024

Read the full press release here. NEW YORK, NY / April 23rd, 2024 / Laxxon Medical, a leading 3D screen printing platform technology company, announced today its participation in the World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2024, taking place April 23-25, 2024 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Catherine Gatza, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Laxxon Medical, will represent the Company at the World Orphan Drug Congress USA. The World Orphan Drug Congress is a defining event for the global rare disease and orphan drug space, bringing together leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, government and regulatory authorities, patient advocacy groups, payers, investors and solution providers. The conference is a place to meet and brainstorm ways to advance orphan drug development and improve access to life-saving therapies.

About Laxxon Medical

Laxxon Medical is a leading pharma-technology company pioneering a new generation of advanced pharmaceuticals through SPID®-Technology, a 3D screen printing platform technology which unlocks innovative drug delivery advancements paired with fast-tracked market access and extensive IP protection to yield disruptive opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry and its patients.

With SPID®, Laxxon can develop and manufacture advanced versions of new and existing pharmaceutical drugs while extending and adding new patent protection through the technology transfer process. Laxxon can fully utilize the FDA’s 505b(2) regulatory pathway in the US and Hybrid applications under article 10(3) of Directive 2001/83/EC in the EUR, which fast tracks product routes to market, and Laxxon’s robust and growing IP protects any Company asset until at least 2037.

Laxxon's pipeline includes ongoing working-projects with notable pharma players, biotech companies and research universities, in addition to 13 in-house Advanced Patented Generics products. Laxxon's IP is continuously growing and consists of 150 patents and patent applications with more than 3,000 patent claims.

Investor Contact:

Alexander Ruckdaeschel, Chief Strategy Director

Media Contact:

Frances Hoggard, Communications Manager

Laxxon Medical Logo

Laxxon Medical is dedicated to engineering patented 3D pharmaceutical solutions that optimize products and benefit patients. Our goal is to establish SPID®-Technology as a manufacturing process with the individual and the pharmaceutical partner in mind.

To keep up to date with SPID®-Technology and Laxxon Medical news and announcements, follow us on LinkedIn.


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