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Evonik & Laxxon: An Innovative Force

Updated: May 15

Evonik and Laxxon Medical Partnership Focus

Evonik Industries is proud of its history, with over one hundred and fifty years of experience in the chemical industry. Recently, Evonik Industries teamed up with Laxxon Medical to form a partnership that will ultimately lead to better pharmaceutical solutions for people worldwide.

Laxxon Medical and Evonik partnership

How does Evonik Industry’s long-standing history of improving life through biotechnology work with Laxxon Medical’s innovative pharmaceutical solutions?

The History of Evonik Industries

Evonik Industries are considered to be a world leader when it comes to specialty chemicals, and that proud history began over 150 years ago with a variety of different companies. They are active in various sectors, including Nutrition and Care, Resource Efficiency, Performance Materials, Service, and other areas.

  • The Nutrition and Care sector produces various specialty chemicals that are primarily used in consumer goods for everyday needs, along with animal nutrition and other healthcare products.

  • Their Resource Efficiency sector supplies materials and specialty additives for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient system solutions for paints, coatings, automotive, construction materials, and adhesives.

  • The Performance Materials sector focuses on manufacturing polymer materials and intermediates for the plastics, rubber, and agricultural industries.

  • Their Services sector focuses on on-site management, waste management, technical, utilities, engineering, and logistics services.

As one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals, Evonik Ind