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An Interview with Helmut Kerschbaumer, Chief Executive Officer at Laxxon Medical

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The pharmaceutical industry is going through a rapid period of change and evolution, and one of the pioneers at the forefront of that evolution is Laxxon Medical.

Recently, we were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with chief executive officer Helmut Kerschbaumer and talk with him about the future of Laxxon Medical and where he saw the pharmaceutical industry heading over the next decade.

What is the single greatest opportunity Laxxon Medical is offering the pharmaceutical industry?

Helmut Kerschbaumer:

Laxxon’s solution is in our technology, which allows pharmaceutical companies to generate highly complex geometric forms within tablets on a micrometre basis. With our technology, pharmaceutical companies can ‘design’ the release profile of active drug substances and optimize pharmacokinetics.

Additionally, Laxxon has a very strong IP (intellectual property) situation. Laxxon has more than 150 patents and more than 3500 patent claims globally. The combination of our technology and our IP allows us to achieve completely new, disruptive solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

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