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10 Strategies for Improving Patient Experience

How does personalized medication tie into improving patient experience?

Serious male doctor talking to patient

In a recent article, 70% of Patients Believe Their Doctors Lack Empathy, we focussed on the relationship between doctors and their patients and how that relationship feels to many patients to be drifting even further apart.

Unfortunately, despite the pharmaceutical industry advancing in leaps and bounds, in part thanks to technology such as 3D screen printing of medical pharmaceuticals and advanced patented generics, patients feel less connected to their healthcare providers than ever before.

The Ever-Evolving Patient-Doctor Relationship

Serious doctor talking to patient

A study that was recently conducted by The Orsini Way took a closer look at the relationship between doctors and their patients. The study discovered that more than 70% of people surveyed felt as if their doctor or medical professional lacked compassion and empathy. Furthermore, 73% of people surveyed felt as if they had been rushed through their medical consultation.