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LGBTQ+ PRIDE Month At Laxxon: Being “Unapologetically Us”  

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Acknowledging Hardships  

Pride Month 2022 has dedicated itself to being about an acknowledgment for those who have journeyed to find themselves and others who have stayed on their path. The goal of this month is to simply celebrate and acknowledge each other for who we are and where we are.

Pride Month was established in 2005 and has helped to raise awareness on LGBTQ+ issues while acknowledging prior historic events that need to be remembered so that we understand how to move forward in a positive way as an ally. 

Being Unapologetically Us

For this year’s Pride Month theme, it is Unapologetically Us. This serves as an affirmation for everyone as they strive to navigate the world post-COVID-19. While a variety of LGBTQ+ individuals have garnered acclaim, there are innovators that have not had their moment to shine, which will be our focus.

Featuring LGBTQ+ Innovators

Jemma Richmond - LGBTQ+ Innovator in a medical field

Jemma Richmond MA in nano-bioscience (1978-2016) discovered how to keep cells alive as they were being 3D printed and is a pioneer within the field of 3D printing.  

Negris Mavalvala - LGBTQ+ Innovator in a medical field

Nergis Mavalvala, Ph.D. in astrophysics (1968- ) helped to discover gravitational waves, or ripples in the fabric of spacetime, caused by black holes and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize alongside the MacArthur Fellowship.  

Sofia Kovalevskaya - LGBTQ+ Innovator in a medical field

Sofia Kovalevskaya is the first woman in Europe to be awarded a doctorate in mathematics and be an editor for a scientific journal. She later secured a position at Stockholm University with the help of a Swedish mathematician whom she met through his sister, a woman with whom she had an intimate “romantic friendship” that lasted until Kovalevskaya’s death.

Nacho Romero Romero - LGBTQ+ Innovator in a medical field

Nacho Romero Romero is an Associate Dean at The Open University where his work offers clarity in CNS, Alzheimer’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

Mark McBride-Wright - LGBTQ+ Innovator in a medical field

Mark McBride-Wright Ph.D. in chemical engineering is a founder of EqualEngineers, which serves to improve opportunities for diverse candidates within the technology and engineering sectors. 

The Struggling Intersection Between LGBTQ+ Communities with Innovation

With this year’s theme being used to acknowledge those that strive to be themselves now and throughout history, this allows us to highlight the mental health difficulties of the LGBTQ+ youth.

According to The Trevor Project:

LGBTQ+ youths are nationally the highest community that is currently contemplating suicide.
~80% of LGBTQ+ youths report struggling with their mental health in general.

This means that these communities are languishing to find peace with their day-to-day lives.

Alongside this, they are floundering with finding quality care in their pharmaceutical and healthcare throughout an extensive process to find them the right care.

These communities deserve to find proper treatments without having to stumble with searching for correct dosages for themselves so that they can afford the correct healthcare plan.

Awareness throughout this month helps to break the stigma toward mental health and encourage more people to seek help, whilst improving their care.

Laxxon is committed to using medical innovation to improve the lives of all patients around the world. In light of that, we are proud to recognize the achievements of LGBTQ+ Innovators. This community has helped change the course of STEM in the United States.


Laxxon Medical is dedicated to engineering patented 3D pharmaceutical solutions which optimize products and benefit patients. Our goal is to establish SPID®-Technology as a manufacturing process that has the individual and the pharmaceutical partner in mind.

To keep up to date with SPID®-Technology and Laxxon Medical news and announcements, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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