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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo and 5 Mexican Women Dedicated to Science and Medicine

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we're celebrating five Mexican women who have dedicated their lives to science and medicine!

Cinco de Mayo marks the anniversary of Mexico's unexpected victory over the French Army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. The conflict began after the then-president of Mexico, Benito Juárez, suspended foreign debt payments, and Napoleon III sent his army to invade Mexico.

While the victory initially galvanized the Mexican people, it was short-lived, and it wasn't until 1867 that Mexico finally expelled the French invaders and retook control of the country.

In Spanish, Cinco de Mayo literally means 'May 5th', which is the date it's celebrated yearly, mainly North of the US border and the town and region of Puebla, Mexico.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we're celebrating five Mexican women who have dedicated their lives to science and medicine!

5 Mexican Women Dedicated to Science and Medicine

Janet Gutierrez

Because of her work in biotechnology, biology, ecology, and sustainable development, Janet's work won her the 2020 Research Award from the Mexican Academy of Sciences. Currently, Janet is the director of the Regional Department of Bioengineering and Sciences for the Southern Region and leads research into food properties that could assist in fighting diseases such as cancer.

Claudia Xochitl Perez

Claudia is a recent graduate of Digital Systems Engineering and Robotics from the Monterrey campus and was recently chosen to take part in an academic stay in Japan. She is currently researching the way that our brains obtain information via electroencephalograms and then using that information to identify ways to use that information to control things

like prostheses and wheelchairs.

Rocio Ortiz

Rocio specializes in the molecular study of diseases that affect females, including cervical cancer, breast cancer, pharmacogenomics, and heart disease. Currently, Rocío is a research professor at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences and is also a level three member of the National Research System (SNI).

Luz Maria Martinez

Martínez is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry at Rice University and a Monterrey campus researcher. She participated in the National Leader of Design and Transfer for two separate teaching units in the Chemistry area. In addition, Martínez coordinates undergraduate research projects on the Nanotechnology and Chemical Sciences degree courses and is an integral part of the Women in Engineering and Sciences initiative.

Celine Rojas Schroter

Celine currently studies Engineering Physics at the Monterrey campus and was awarded the Rómulo Garza Award for High School Student Research Projects. When she was 19, Schröter developed a scientific project based on the relationship between magnetism and temperature.

Mexican Women Dedicated to Science and Medicine - Conclusion

At Laxxon Medical, we acknowledge that the percentage of women involved in medicine and science is slowly increasing. Still, we would love to celebrate more women and the critical role and contributions they make.

As Cinco de Mayo rolls around this year, will you celebrate, and if so, how? We'd love to hear how you, your family, and your friends celebrate this holiday.

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